Codes of Ethics

As I work through related readings for the assigned ethics paper in LS 534, I have found a handful of relevant codes, which can be placed at the intersection of healthcare and information dissemination.  Below are links to the various codes, which I have found helpful in my research.

Ultimately, a common theme throughout each, is that these codes are merely guides establishing a framework, through which professionals should complete their work.  None of these codes claim to be absolute or without gray areas.  At the end of the day, professionals in information and/or health fields need to have sufficient understanding of existing standards and policies, to determine the best response to daily interactions with patients, clients, or patrons.

MLA Code of Ethics for Health Sciences Librarianship

ALA Code of Ethics

AMIA Code of Ethics

AHIMA Code of Ethics


IT Fluency… Continued.

Blog post #3 – LS 560

My peers and I have been working on our LS 560 Unix assignment for the last couple of weeks, and I have to admit that for most of the process I have merely followed the steps within the video instructions.  It wasn’t until I started researching and reading more about what line Unix is and its purpose that I started to understand its functions and why they are important.  I am far from being knowledgeable or knowing much beyond the basic functions we have been taught in our course modules, however this assignment opened yet another door to the world of technology, I had never known existed previously.

I am starting to believe that I will (most likely) never be an expert on any language of coding or on Unix, however it is becoming more apparent to me that by just realizing these languages and systems exist will put me ahead of many peers.  Having this knowledge will allow me to understand the user side of technology to a greater extent, as well.  In conclusion, although the work is causing me anxiety and headaches right now, it is worth understanding and will be beneficial knowledge to have in my career!