That’s a wrap!

The┬ásecond semester of my MLIS program is official over – all assignments have been signed, sealed, and delivered!

To recap, here are a few things I have learned over the last 17 weeks:

  1. I really need to think hard about taking 3 courses at once, while working nights… and decide not to, ever. again.
  2. It might be necessary to listen to a lecture for a second or even third time – until the surplus of information chooses to be absorbed by my brain.
  3. It’s okay to skim some weekly readings/reading every word of every article will make your head hurt, also result in little to no actual comprehension.
  4. The library field is an ever-changing and ultra-dynamic one. (I had some inkling of this previously, but it was confirmed through the courses this semester).
  5. Take notes during lectures – This helps to maintain alertness, as well as aid in the process of understanding content more fully.
  6. It’s okay to not understand references made my peers or instructors, related to books they have all read – everyone has their own expertise and can contribute to the conversation in their own way!
  7. DO NOT wait until the last week to complete assignments due, the last week.