Clinicians, Online Access, & Info retrieval

This study, published in 2013, provided insight into the procedures that were in place at  Columbia University and the New York Presbyterian Hospital, related to clinicians and their access to necessary information to care for patients.  The research completed found that depending on the type of health professional seeking information, there existed preference of reference tools.  Their roles within the healthcare system, as well as the context of the patient situation, influenced their use of the online access to pertinent research.  These are two key facts, which known and understood, could benefit medical librarians and enable them to provide more efficient information retrieval services to clinicians.

Another insight, discussed within the introduction, which I found interesting, were the barriers that come into play during information seeking processes  – ineffective search skills and perceived lack of time.  These seem to be common sense , although realization that they exist can only benefit search processes.


Hunt, S., Cimino, J. J., & Koziol, D. E. (2013). A comparison of clinicians’ access to online knowledge resources using two types of information retrieval applications in an academic hospital setting. Journal Of The Medical Library Association, 101(1), 26-31 6p. doi:10.3163/1536-5050.101.1.005


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