Job Searching…

Although I still have an entire year of classes left to take, I frequently find myself checking out job postings on various platforms and websites.  I have always struggled with the whole “living in the moment thing“, particularly when the moment involves homework and uninspiring work.  During my searches, when I find a job that sounds fascinating I daydream about what it will feel like to obtain it and then live it each day.

I cannot wait until I am officially qualified (or nearly) to begin the application process, although the anxiety that comes with the interview process in another story- that being said, I suppose it is all a part of the process, a necessary evil.

For those out there like me, there are a plethora of job searching tools.  One option I just recently found is LibGig.  It also includes a variety of descriptions for several library professions, including the one I am interested in – medical librarianship.  Check it out!


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