Khan Academy: HTML Basics

If anyone were to ask me what my greatest accomplishment was this past week, I would quickly respond with – publishing my first hand-tagged website!  I cannot express how relieved I was to submit my first assignment for LS 560 🙂  HTML is far from a second language for me, and I admit that I was quickly frustrated when codes I entered did not work, however after hours of troubleshooting and adjustments I completed all of the required parts of the site!  It was definitely a learning experience and I hope to continue to update the site, as  I learn more in depth codes, in order to enhance the aesthetics of the page.

While completing the assignment I found many useful websites, one of them being Khan Academy’s instructional tools for HTML and CSS coding.  I just wanted to share, in case anyone is ever looking for a resource to help them in their coding.  Click here to check out all the instruction the academy offers!


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