LS 560: IT Fluency Update

I have to admit that when I first began reading through and skimming the assigned module 2 parts, I was intimidated.  I doubted that HTML’s seemingly complicated language, was going to be digested easily.  However, I have been pleasantly surprised that as I have worked through the videos, text, and guides, I have not only understood each, but at times I have actually found myself typing in code before prompted!  I realize I am still VERY amateur, even so, the step by step and repetitious approach within the tools available have been extremely helpful and easy to understand.  I have also realized one key to not becoming overwhelmed in this class is to stop looking at the end product and merely focus on each of the new codes, one at a time – this way the website will be completed without giving my anxiety towards coding a chance to take over!  I have yet to push myself to try many codes beyond those that have been taught within the videos and modules on Blackboard, although am looking forward to adding some personal flare to my site.

Another way which I have decided to learn more about coding is by viewing the codes of websites, attempting to “read” each and decipher varying codes.  I have found this activity has provided me a bit more insight and stretches my critical thinking skills as I try to identify which codes pertain to which features on the site – I am far from “nailing” this process, but it still is helping to open my mind to more complicated codes and all the potential that they hold for web design.

Beyond working through the modules I have recently discovered a couple of other websites that appear to possess great potential for helping me move forward and learn codes aside from those required.  Khan’s Academy and Code Academy, seem to be great resources, which also walk the student through each step to ensure they understand and can apply the codes themselves.  Keep an eye out for a blogs on each of these, to inform everyone what I have found helpful, as well as what they may be lacking.  🙂




One thought on “LS 560: IT Fluency Update

  1. “Another way which I have decided to learn more about coding is by viewing the codes of websites, attempting to “read” each and decipher varying codes.”

    this is a great idea, perhaps even necessary. writing code is ultimately a form of writing, and reading is one of the surest ways to become a better writer. when youre learning to code, reading code provides useful examples of the basics and also their application. when youre an experienced coder, reading code can keep you aware of new tricks, features and styles.

    this can both inform or mislead without further research into what youve learned. most people are either not great coders, or do not write great code. but you dont improve by deciding to do nothing.


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