Scholarly Publishing & the Future

In a time when an infinite amount of information is at each individual’s fingertip, provided free online with a mere Google search, the scholarly publishing field has rising concerns – and rightfully so.  Susan Starr broaches this subject in her brief summary of the annual meeting for the Society for Scholarship Publishing.  During the meeting’s discussions, Starr relays that a variety of ideas were brought up – each primarily relating to what updates need to be made in the publishing field in order for paying customers to be retained.  A major concept believed to be a key component to solutions for aiding in the future of scholarly information access, are creating websites which are more interactive and allow readers to communicate via notes allowed directly on articles or book chapters.  The field needs to move away from merely providing access to re-created print journals and books online, publishers need to take advantage of the opportunities which exist for online content.  There are many questions which remain about the future of the scholarly publishing field, but one thing is certain – it must change in order to maintain relevancy.



Starr, S. (2009). The next generation of electronic journals: prospects and problems. Journal Of The Medical Library Association, 97(4), 237-237 1p. doi:10.3163/1536-5050.97.4.001


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