National Network of Libraries of Medicine

On the U.S. National Library of Medicine‘s website, they provide information related to the various programs and efforts led by the NLM, one of these is the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.  The network consists of a 6,000 member organizations – including a variety of medical libraries, hospital libraries, pharmaceutical libraries, and others.  This network allows for a flow of information amongst all of those involved, resources are requested and received in a timely fashion, in order to ensure medical professionals and patients have access to crucial information about treatments and healthcare.  An addition piece of work that this network aids in, is emergency preparedness, providing pertinent information to staff working on developing disaster plans during urgent situations.


Click here to learn more about this network, and the NLM as a whole, at their website.


2 thoughts on “National Network of Libraries of Medicine

  1. Those disaster plans are amazing. I’m pretty sure they are at work right now in the wake of florida’s tornado situation, especially the information they provide about contaminated water from disasters.


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