MLA & International Strategy

In my dream world, my ideal career in librarianship will provide me opportunities to fulfill my desire to travel the world.  After reading a blog post from the Medical Library Association’s website, I am excited to see that their mission includes international outreach and education.  The further I get into the MLIS program, the more insight I gain on what opportunities actually exist out in the field, the more excited I become for my future – while also kicking myself for not starting this program sooner! As an example, one instance of international field work being completed, is through the organization Librarians Without Borders.  This organization has held 57 workshops, in 33 different countries around the world, for professionals in the library field.

Click here to be directed to MLA’s page full of information their International Programs, and here to read the blog post I just read, related to their international aspirations and involvement.


3 thoughts on “MLA & International Strategy

  1. I like to emphasize to current and future library school students that there are libraries everywhere, which means one can build a really personally satisfying career. I have one fairly recent grad (~ 5 years) who after starting out living in Montgomery AL, has since moved to West Point, NY, and she just told me that she got hired by a DoD library in Germany! Living abroad was one of her career goals 🙂

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  2. I’ve looked into the situation with India’s medical schools (and libraries). It seems to be the place to look if you’re interested in a burgeoning area of medical/health science libraries.


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