MLA Career Center Tips

LS 534 – Brief resource post.

Listed as a helpful tool, within my LS 534 course schedule, was the link to the Medical Library Association’s Career Center page.  I recently became a student member of the association and have found their website, in it’s entirety to be a great resource for those of us MLIS students interested in the medical librarianship realm!

Shortly after I decided medical librarianship was the direction I would like my career to move, I started reaching out to my current colleagues and found that many of them had contacts whom I could learn from.  On MLA’s Career Center page, an important tip for those interested in the field is to network.  You never know in whom or where you will find a mentor, they could even be within your current professional circle – put the word out about your interest and desire to learn more, doing just that will often provide you more information and connections than you thought!

I have copied the link below to the Career Center, for those interested in checking it out 🙂

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2 thoughts on “MLA Career Center Tips

  1. I find networking in practice to be very anxiety inducing, but it does seem to be the best way to get things done in the world. I actually had a rather heated debate about the difference between networking and nepotism recently and thought about the MLA suggestions for appropriate connections.


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